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Meet our SHEroes: Celebrating Female Heroes This Mother's Day

Meet our SHEroes: Celebrating Female Heroes This Mother's Day

Many of us are lucky enough to have a powerful female role model who has helped shape the woman we are today. Usually, it’s the woman who spent countless sleepless nights feeding us, worrying about us, and showing us that there is nothing quite like a mother’s love for their daughter.


In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to share some of the special mother/daughter relationships that we have here at Journee. Many of our moms have shaped who we are and play a major role in the work we do. Journee Collection shoes are created by women, for women, and we couldn’t do it without our own SHEroes.

Indescribable Bond:

Journee Green is now 17 years old, and has a 13-year-old sister, Preslee, and a 15-year-old brother. All three children were adopted, which Karen says played a part in selecting Journee’s name.

The fact that they are adopted has never been a strain on the relationships Journee and Presley have with their mother. If anything, it has only made them stronger.

Karen says it’s often shocking to her and to others that she doesn’t share DNA with her daughters.

“We complement each other really well because we all have very different strengths and personalities, but we’re always able to come together and, being girls, we share certain interests and are always excited to talk about silly things with each other,” said Karen.

From day one, they say Preslee has been attached to her mother.

“I’ve never gotten lost in the store because I’m always right next to her,” said Preslee. “My mom shaped me into a peaceful, creative human. She supports me in everything and is always there to give me advice and love no matter what I do or choose.”

And if there is one thing Preslee and Journee can agree on, it’s that their mom is always right.

“Sometimes I trust her more than Google,” said Journee.

“She is so smart,” said Preslee.

Karen says she understood the unique, indescribable bond between a mother and a daughter with her own mother, but now that she has two daughters, it’s on a whole new level.

“The bond is just so strong for me,” said Karen. “And that’s why I tell them to always come to me with anything and that I will love them no matter what, and that we can get through anything because that bond is unbreakable.”


While every story is unique, we quickly noticed a common thread. What sets these mother/daughter relationships apart in our lives is shared experience. From generation to generation, women have faced similar challenges, and it is mothers who help their daughters navigate each phase of life.

Open Communication:

Our Journee Collection photographer, Jen Conner, is the oldest of three girls. She’s very close to her mother, and Jen also has three daughters of her own, and one son. The thing that Jen prioritizes with her daughters is complete and total open communication.

"My mom was pregnant when she was 15 and it was difficult for her to talk to her parents about things, but she didn’t want it to be that way between us and I don’t want it to be that way with my girls, so we have a totally open door.”

Jen’s 19-year-old daughter, Breckly, says her mom was her first best friend. Even though she’s now an adult, Breckly finds it hard to be away from her mother.

But that doesn’t mean they are too codependent. Jen has always encouraged her girls to branch out and experience life.

“My mom pushes me to work my hardest in all aspects of life because she knows me more and knows my limits better than I do,” said Jen’s 16-year-old daughter, Ambrie.

And when it came time for her daughters to push her to be the best version of herself, Jen says they were ready.

“I’ve been with Journee for six years now, but before that they hadn’t had a working mom at all,” said Jen. “So I was really worried about starting a full time, out-of-the-house job, but they told me to do whatever I needed to do and vowed to help take care of each other for me.”

All three women agree there is something special about the female bond, and it is only made stronger by continuing to communicate and pass on the knowledge you have gotten from the women who came before us.

She’s the core of our family and she started this whole thing.”

Unyielding Support:

Mothers are always there for advice or to hold us when we cry. But sometimes, their love and support comes in the form of strict household rules.

said Tasha Tanigawa, product content director at Journee Collection.

As long as Tasha kept her grades up and stayed out of trouble, her mom was the first to plan fun, rewarding experiences like renting a limousine to pick her and her friends up from school.

Tasha is the oldest of four kids, and now has three kids of her own. Her first-born was also a girl, and says she quickly learned that everything her mother has ever said to her, is true.

“Every fear and every worry my mom had and every expectation she had of me, I’ve passed that on to my daughter,” said Tasha. “There are those same expectations of, ‘you need to be good. You’re the oldest, and you’re helping take care of your family.’”

This tough but caring environment fostered a uniquely supportive relationship between Tasha and her mom, Allea Mokulehua. After working at Journee Collection for a few months, Tasha helped her mom get a job here as well. They have both been part of the Journee family for more than ten years now, and even carpool to work together.

Allea is proud of the woman and mom that Tasha has become. She’s managed to make it clear that she’ll do anything for Tasha, while still raising her to be strong and independent.

Tasha loves it that now, she and her mom can be more like friends than parent and child. They go to concerts together and take trips, and continue to be each other’s constant source of support.

“A mother brings a sense of comfort and a sense of stability,” said Tasha. “They’ll always provide the most honest feedback to their kid regardless of whether it’s tough to hear because they’re always your biggest cheerleader.”


Celebrate with Shoes!

As you attempt to fill her shoes, you might as well buy her a pair, too!

This mother’s day, the team at Journee collection wants to celebrate all of the incredible mothers and daughters out there with our SHEro BOGO FREE. For every pair of shoes you buy for your mom, you get a pair for yourself.


She has bought you countless pairs of shoes. It’s time to return the favor.

To all the mothers out there raising the next generation of strong, independent, and kind women: Happy Mother’s Day!

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