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How to Shop for Women’s Boots

It’s time once again to suit up for the cold winter months in footwear that just happens to make seemingly any ensemble look more elegant. That’s right, it’s boot season. Time for scarves, sweaters, and pops of merlot. It’s the best time of the year. But before you go booting up, make sure you have a plan to best utilize the year’s favorite footwear.


Measure Your Calf

If you think you may require a wide calf or extra wide calf boot, you’ll want to measure the widest part of your calf with a cloth tape measure. Generally, a wide calf is about 15 1/2” or more. Make sure to take calf width into account while you’re browsing. Keep your eye out for laces or buckles in the upper parts of boots which allow for varied sizes as well as stretchy goring around the top or back side of the boot leg. Nobody wants a stifled calf.


Extra Wide Calf Harley Boot by Journee Collection

Extra Wide Calf Harley Boot by Journee Collection


Watch for Lug Soles

If you’re likely to be walking down icy sidewalks this winter it doesn’t mean you have to trade fashion for safety. Find a beautiful pair of boots with a lug sole that will grip the slick icy streets and keep you from bruising your bottom. Even better, this winter’s trend of a wedge heel will give you a more stable footing so you don’t spill your treasured macchiato (or yourself) while rushing off to work in the snow.


Get a Boot and a Bootie

While you can wear either with a good skinny jean and achieve very different yet equally stylish results, some outfits only work with a bootie and some need a high boot. Pick out a chic ankle boot and pair it with your longer mid-length skirts and dresses while wearing an over-the-knee boot with something short and sassy. Nothing says enviable street style like the right pairing with a boot or bootie.


Zuri Boot by Journee CollectionZuri Boot by Journee Collection


Treat Yourself to a Boot in a Pop Color

Everybody wants the neutrals they can pair with anything but winter can be dour for the soul, so give your psyche a kick and be bold by splurging on a boot in a pop color. The great thing about accented footwear is that it makes the rest of your ensemble easy as Christmas’s warm berry pie. Pair a red over-the-knee boot with a neutral chunky sweater and a simple short skirt, letting your boots do all the work as well as the walking.


Langly Boot by Journee Collection

Langly Boot by Journee Collection


Do Not Sacrifice Comfort

We get it, it’s BOOT SEASON. It’s basically the most exciting time of the year and that has nothing to do with eggnog. But don’t let your dazed eyes betray your feet. There’s no reason you can’t look gorgeous in winter while remaining comfy and there are plenty of beautiful boots built to keep you both happy and chic. It’s already freezing cold, nobody should be expected to brave the winter months with sore feet and with this season’s offerings there’s really no reason to.


Cyan Bootie by Journee Collection

Cyan Bootie by Journee Collection

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