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- Journee collection

Where Will Your Shoes Take You?

Our in-house design team carefully details each Journee Collection shoe with your journey in mind, which is why we offer comfortable, versatile products in sizes that celebrate body positivity and self-love. True to our name, our design team has carved a path to provide up-scale styles at attainable prices. After several rounds of testing unique fabrics, negotiating, and design adjustments, if we can't achieve a high standard of quality and offer it to you at an excellent value, we just won't make it - because you deserve the best!

Our Story

Our story began in 2001 when a fiery young graduate started a small business offering women's dresses, blouses, tops, outerwear, and, eventually, footwear. Since then, we've changed a lot, but our goal has always been the same: to empower women by offering imaginative styles that ignite confidence. 

Even though we design the shoes, you call the shots...and that's how we roll! By drawing inspiration from the lifestyles of mothers, working women, young adventurers, and students, we've created over 600 styles in dozens of colors and patterns so that you always have the freedom to choose (without compromising).